The Pepsom Group, Inc.


Our Mission Statement

The Pepsom Group is committed to providing innovative, affordable health and wellness products to consumers, while educating the public and sports enthusiasts about the amazing benefits of our Epsom salt magnesium-based products.

About the Company

The Pepsom Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing today’s consumers with an array of innovative products for the enhancement of health and wellness for all. For decades, our founders have been representing quality health and wellness and beauty products in all retail markets (food, drug and mass). Our management has broad knowledge and experience in retail, marketing/advertising and has a strong background in manufacturer’s representation and consultation. Our team also consists of award-winning trainers of professional basketball teams, as well as senior executives of professional sports teams, retail giants and major broadcasting companies.

Our Story

In 2007, the founders of the Pepsom Group realized that there was a significant need for a new class of Epsom salt products. Following two years of research and development with chemists, professional sports athletic trainers and medical practitioners, the Pepsom Group developed formulations and created the brands Pepsom Salt and Pepsom Sports - the first national brands of Epsom salt for sports enthusiasts and today’s modern consumer. The Pepsom Group is proud to be considered as the catalyst of creating the new blended Epsom salt for first aid, a new product category which all began with Pepsom – The New Generation of Epsom Salt.