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Pepsom Salt® with
100% Natural Ingredients

Pepsom Salt is a sparkling blend of Epsom salt and natural Peppermint to provide a relaxing and refreshing sensation for a happier, healthier you.


How to Use

Pepsom Salt becomes a rejuvenating spa bath for the whole body or a soothing soak for the hands and feet for a perfect spa day, whether for mani/pedi or just for relaxation from stress and tension.

Pepsom Salt can also be used to concentrate on a specific area by dissolving 2 cups per gallon of water and dampening a towel to wrap around the area for soothing comfort.

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Immerse Yourself into a Relaxing Bath

Relieve stress and tension by soaking in a warm bath of Pepsom Salt to pamper yourself.

From Dull to Soft, Silky Skin

Gentle emollients soften and exfoliate rough, dry skin to become smooth to the touch.

Soothe and Refresh as a Soaking Aid

Ease away the discomfort caused by soreness and stiffness, especially after being up and about all day.

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Not Just For Moms,
But For Kids, Too!

Epsom salt is made up of the naturally occurring pure mineral compounds of magnesium and sulfate. Here are some ways that children can benefit from an Epsom salt bath:

• Calms the body and mind

• Improves sleep for peaceful nights

• Easier, no-hassle splinter removal

• Soothes bruises and aches from activities

• First aid relief from bug bites and stings

Pepsom's Epsom salts are blended with 100% natural ingredientsminty fresh without any artificial fragrances or colorsmaking a bath of Pepsom gentle and safe for children to soak in.

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